Driving a Porsche or another race car is a wicked thing.

This is where Drive for Miles® started in 1997 … between two good friends and on the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit! Our present chair person (Annik) owned the exclusive rights of the FormulaOne track during three years, learned how to drive with José Close and both created the JC-DIMAR-RACING-TEAM. Initially the non-profit organization was dedicated to teaching youngsters how to drive on a track, youngsters in the need for speed, the responsability of driving a car at high speed made them conscious and aware of the common dangers on the road. Unforgettable experiences.


When José resigned in 2010/11 as a chairman, Annik took over and renamed and registered DRIVE FOR MILES® (D4M), she changed the objective of the non-profit organization to driving miles for the benefit of children in need.


The first events were Porsche-only. Existing routes and roadbooks written for product launches of larger car brands by Annik and her corporate team, were used as a basis for the later Castle Rallies (chateaux-rallye) and took us as far as France, Belgian Ardennes, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany, 700 km of roads and private residences to welcome us and our participants. The NPC (Nederlandse Porsche Club) and their members used these very exact routes & selection of venues but also Tour-de-Mille-Virages (TMV) and the Belgian Porsche Club.


In 2010 we organized the first tunnel-rallye in Brussels, the Belgian capital with its 28 tunnels dating back to the 1958 World Exhibition is a perfect place to making the tunnels roar. Plus 30 Porsche’s attended this first event and a few other roadsters, in the meantime this event attracts up to 50+ cars of all brands and we named this HALLELUJA (click on « events » and you can read more). We organize Halleluja’s frequently, always on a Sunday and in different cities.


In May 2017 Annik (aka Annik Porsche-Singer on Facebook) decided to attend the Moscow Classic Rally, she left on May 9 and arrived in Moscow 3 days later, returned in 3 days after the race and drove exactly 4,200 miles and collected 4.200 EUR, one Euro per mile.

In 2018, a convoy of cars lead by Annik will leave July 30 to drive to St Petersburg and attend the « ST PETERSBURG NOCTURNAL RACE » organized on August 4 by the Porsche Classic Club of Russia. The return is scheduled for August 9. You can still subscribe to this event, it is not a race.


End of May/June 2018 we will have the 3rd edition of our MONT-BLANC RALLYE, this event is already sold out for 2018.

We will organize two TRACK INITIATIONS, one will be at Francorchamps, another one at Bilster Berg, please click events for more information.


The goal of all these events is to combine pleasure with profit. 

The pleasure is yours as a driver or participant, the profit goes to a children cause. We invest the money we collect with driving and donations and sponsorships into events we organize for the kids, THE GOOD RIDE events. Have a look at our calendar, please save the date and attend when we come to your city!

Les enfants nous donnent des ailes.

Avec cette brève allocution, j’aimerais saluer nos membres et intéressés francophones, et vous remercier pour votre fidélité.

Nos rallies en Belgique, au Luxembourg et en France ont été reçu avec beaucoup de chaleur et d’enthousiasme. Nous espérons les continuer, et prochainement ajouter un événement sur la Suisse.


Plus particulièrement concernant un de nos événements THE GOOD RIDE©, nous avons reçu l’aide de Porschistes, de Clubs et leurs membres, de sponsors, d’associations de parents pour l’aide aux enfants atteints du cancer … nous ne pouvons pas tous ni toutes vous citer, mais la raison que nous continuons, c’est vous!

Kinder sind der Motor!


Die Liebe zu Porsche, hat uns bis hierher geführt. Seit 2017, nehmen krebskranke Kinder an Bord unserer Wagen Platz, ihre Freude und ihr Lachen, ihr platzender Enthusiasmus setzt unserem Vergnügen die Krone auf. Die Veranstaltung THE GOOD RIDE© läuft ab 2018 in Köln/Düsseldorf, Hamburg und Stuttgart. Walter Röhrl, der 2015 mit uns fuhr, wird dieses Jahr durch keinen Geringeren als Jürgen Barth abgelöst. In 2018 wollen wir auch Porschebesitzern erlauben, Freunde einzuladen, die keinen Porsche aber einen anderen tollen Wagen besitzen, teilzunehmen … Ihr Gefährt sollte nur mindestens so schön sein wie ein Porsche, der Auspuff muss VRrrOOOOOOoooomen, er sollte tolle Kurven oder WahnsinsAufkleber haben, eben alles was ein Kinderherz höher schlagen lässt!


Desweiteren, laden wir Sie ein, sich alle Events der DRIVE FOR MILES® anzusehen. Sie befinden sich hier auf der Seite unter « Events », Sie können sich über diese Seite auch einschreiben, die Newsletter abonnieren, Goodies & Geschenke kaufen usw


Interessant ist auch zu wissen, dass der Erlös von allen unseren Aktivitäten, in die Events mit den krebskranken Kindern investiert wird.

DRIVE FOR MILES® ist ein registrierter Verein ohne Erwerbszweck und besteht seit 1997.




founded in 1997 a non-profit organization, registration nr. 0460.739.706 (Belgium)


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